• Multinational
    Investment needed to unlock NSR potential

    There are few indicators that use of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) through the Arctic will grow dramatically for larger goods and logistics flows in spite of the potential for it to be the fastest route for Asia-Europe liner traffic. Today’s  absence of substantial container liner traffic will probably remain the case for the next decade or two, unless there is a big effort to make a change says Mårten Sandblom, Regional Marine Loss Control Manager, AIG

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    • Emerging Risk
    Business Travel: Navigating the New Normal Webinar

    In the past 18 months with most face-to-face meetings no longer possible, many adjustments by businesses were required. These included the need for different forms of communication, organisation of shorter online meetings, and the enactment of new policies (for example, ensuring the good mental and physical health of employees).

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    • Emerging Risk
    Shareholders increasingly targeting D&Os of foreign companies in New York derivative actions

    U.S. shareholder derivative actions have long been a concern for directors and officers (“D&Os”) of U.S. companies and their insurers due to their consistent claims frequency.

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    • Emerging Risk
    Pension Trustee Liability Insurance – A perfect storm?

    Buyers of fiduciary liability insurance – or pension trustee liability (PTL) insurance – are facing a perfect storm. Emerging exposures such as excessive fee claims are growing on both sides of the Atlantic, while available risk transfer capacity is shrinking.

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    Captives: An alignment of interests

    Dan Sammons and Stephen Morton explain how closer collaboration between insurers, service providers and clients is essential when navigating hard commercial insurance market conditions

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    • Emerging Risk
    D&O litigation on the rise amid host of emerging risks

    Directors face liability over an ever widening range of threats, boosting D&O litigation claims

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    • Cyber
    Cyber-Risk Oversight

    Boards are increasingly focused on addressing cyber threats.

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