Business Travel: Navigating the New Normal Webinar


Watch the highlight video featuring Dr.William Spangler (Global Medical Director, AIG) and Marc van't Veldt (Global Head of A&H Multinational, AIG Europe)

Business travel challenges and complexities in a new risk environment

ecoDa, the European Directors’ Association, and AIG jointly organised a webinar in July 2021 to help board members understand the new business travel risk environment. With the vaccination campaign well advanced in Europe, the prospects for business travel are improving. At the same time there are unprecedented challenges for board members in terms of risk management. 

In the past 18 months with most face-to-face meetings no longer possible, many adjustments by businesses were required. These included the need for different forms of communication, organisation of shorter online meetings, and the enactment of new policies (for example, ensuring the good mental and physical health of employees). As a return to normality becomes closer, board members have an essential role in ensuring a smooth transition and in anticipating new risks. Strong risk management strategies are therefore needed regarding business travel. The ability to travel should not be the only concern.

Many questions should be addressed before travelling to anticipate all possible scenarios:

  • What if employees get sick abroad? 
  • Are the local medical capabilities efficient?
  • Would evacuation be possible and at what cost? 

Uncertainty is here to stay and companies must be ready to put in place the correct measures when required. 

The webinar explored business travel from a perspective of what medical challenges the increasing complexity of business travel brings, and how AIG is responding in this changed environment.