AIG Europe S.A.
Avenue J.F. Kennedy 35D
1855 Luxembourg 
Tel   +352 2700 72 01
Fax  +352 44 31 07 

AIG Luxembourg

AIG Luxembourg offers businesses financial protection in every area of their operations. We concentrate our efforts on areas where our clients can benefit from our role as a product leader and innovator.

About Us

AIG began its operation in Luxembourg in July 1995 to support pan-European and multinational programmes as well as insuring local businesses. We are proud to include a number of the top Belux corporations as clients as well as countless individuals. Our dedication to service along with an in-depth knowledge of the industry has helped us maintain a world-renowned reputation for excellence in commercial, industrial and personal insurance. Our activities also extend to consumer markets where we supply a broad range of products for sale to the end user through brokers, affinity groups, employers and financial institutions.

AIG has been a world leader in insurance and financial services since the company to which it traces its roots was started in 1919. Our financial strength and levels of security, matched by few other insurance organisations, mean we have the ability to meet financial commitments to policyholders both now and in the future.

Our products and services

We offer Belux insurance products for individuals and companies.

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Reporting a claim

All claims can be reported to the following email address:

Contact details

For assistance or further information, you can reach us on:

+352 2700 72 01

AIG’s claims expertise

Experiencing a loss can be a devastating experience. However big or small, our priority is to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, whilst providing you with the personal and proactive support you need to get you or your business back on your feet. Not only will we help you when a claim occurs, but we will also help you mitigate potential claims in the first place. Through our global claims data, fraud trend analysis and expertise around new exposures, we help to reduce and manage your risks more effectively.

AIG has claims expertise throughout Europe whose core role is to manage the claims process from beginning to end. In the unfortunate event of a loss, our local claims teams are on hand to:

  • Deal with claims enquiries quickly and accurately using local knowledge and expertise. 
  • Communicate with clients and their brokers on how the claim will progress and what information we require from them, at each stage of the process  
  • Fast track less complicated claims, ensuring fast and efficient settlement 
  • Work with specialist claims adjusters and lawyers on complicated claims that demand specific expertise 
  • Work with our clients and brokers to help minimize the financial and reputational impact of a loss 

Added Value Services

In addition, we are continually developing our range of added value services to assist our clients and brokers by employing measures to prevent or reduce losses and by working with specialist in the field of claims, rehabilitation and public relations to minimize the impact of a loss when a claim has occurred.