Before, During and After a Loss

Experiencing a loss can be a disruptive experience and our immediate priority is to resolve it as quickly as possible and get our customers back on their feet. Our Claims First commitment goes beyond simply reacting to a claim and by using our technical expertise, responsiveness and claims insights we strive to help our customers before, during and after a loss.

Claims First: Technical Expertise
Our claims specialists throughout our global network are empowered to make rapid decisions. We have tremendous breadth and depth of claims experience across multiple lines of insurance and extensive client portfolios across sectors and geographies. This means that whatever kind of loss our clients suffer, our award-winning claims team will have seen something similar before, and know the best processes to follow and the best steps to take.

Claims First: Responsiveness
At the point of claim, a rapid professional response can be critical to clients (and their brokers). From leveraging cloud technology and CCTV imagery to accelerate liability investigations, to protecting clients’ cash flow with interim post loss payments, we attach enormous importance to delivering a consummate claims experience to our customers - no matter how complex their claims, wherever in the world they might be.

Claims First: Insight and Risk Prevention
For nearly a century AIG has handled millions of business commercial insurance claims throughout the world, giving us a vast storehouse of data and insights across the entire spectrum of risk that businesses face. We routinely leverage these insights through face-to-face workshops, AIG Academies, industry events and thought leadership publications. All this is designed to assist our clients and brokers  to understand the risks they face - and how to avoid them.

“Every insurance policy we sell is underpinned by the skill and expertise of our Claims teams, and Claims First means putting our customers first - at the heart of everything we do. (Noona Barlow - Head of UK Claims, Head of International Financial Lines Claims”