Tuesday 19th November
10.30am – 11.30am

Leadership pitch – What does it take to be a modern inspirational leader? The strength of experience.

This session will be the opportunity for unique and meaningful interaction with 7 leaders in risk as they will each share for 5 minutes their insights, unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.  They will use the lessons they learned to tell us what it takes in the pursuit of excellence. We all come from different backgrounds, but do we face down challenges in the same way? How can we inspire the next generation and create a new form of leadership in the digital age?

Speaker- Chris Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, International General Insurance, AIG

Visit the FERMA website for more information - https://www.ferma-forum.eu/on-the-programme/ceos-pitches/

Tuesday 19th November
2pm – 3.30pm

Protectionism, nationalism and fragmentation: setting risk appetite in a complex trade environment.

Dynamic companies are updating their global strategy to respond to the risks and opportunities of the new global trade environment, whether it’s dealing with tariffs and trade sanctions or taking advantage of environmental projects. The risk manager needs to support the business in adjusting its risk appetite to the new parameters. This session asks what triggers a revision of the company’s risk appetite and how the topic is addressed between the board, executive management and the risk management function.
More broadly the speakers will consider what opportunities there are for European businesses in this reshaping of global trade relationships and what measures the European Union may adopt to reduce barriers.

Speaker – Thomas Lillelund, Chief Executive Officer, AIG Europe SA

Visit the FERMA website for more information - https://www.ferma-forum.eu/on-the-programme/ferma-stream/protectionism-nationalism-and-fragmentation-setting-risk-appetite-in-a-complex-trade-environment/