AIG at FERMA 2019

17th - 20th November

Thomas Lillelund discusses FERMA 2019

Hear from Thomas Lillelund, Chief Executive Officer, AIG Europe SA answering the question ‘What are you hoping Risk and Insurance Managers get from AIG at FERMA?’

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Leveraging Data and Insights for Cyber-Readiness

Cyber is one of the most volatile and unpredictable risk facing businesses today. As one of the world’s leading cyber insurers we have handled thousands of cyber claims.

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People risks on the road less travelled

Business travel is on the increase. Between 2016 and early 2019, average travel spend among European organisations more than doubled. After China and the US, Germany, Japan and the UK are the top markets in terms of business travel spend.

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Empowering trade with certainty of credit

Many industry sectors have supply chains that have thin margins and are vulnerable to even slight changes in the cost of goods, making access to affordable trade credit insurance essential.

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A new global trade order?

Trade conflicts, a rise in protectionism, and political and economic uncertainty are just some of the reasons why global trade has never been more complex. 

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Addressing cyber - a risk without borders

On 1 October, three US hospitals were forced to close to all but the most critical of patients. It followed on from a separate attack, which affected seven hospitals in Australia.

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Risk and Reason: Claims First

Experiencing a loss can be a disruptive experience and our immediate priority is to resolve it as quickly as possible and get our customers back on their feet.

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D&O: Where the buck stops

The ever-lengthening arm of the regulator, emerging risks and an increasingly complex and uncertain world are just some of the exposures facing directors and officers (D&O).

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Cyber claims: Spotting the imposter

Even large, sophisticated organisations are falling victim to business email compromise, according to AIG's cyber claims intelligence. Business email compromise (BEC) overtook ransomware and data breach by hackers as the main driver of AIG cyber claims in 2018.

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ADRs: A new US exposure for unlisted firms

Securities litigation brought in California against Toshiba and certain named executive officers has paved the way for similar action against foreign companies, including European firms and their senior management.

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Clarifying Programme Complexities

Choreographing a global insurance programme across multiple geographies amidst changing regulations can be a complex process for multinational clients and brokers. 

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M&A claims

Payouts for claims made under Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance are growing in both frequency and severity, according to AIG intelligence.

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