AIG's Financial Lines Group is a global division that protects multinational, large domestic and upper middle market companies with tailor-made insurance programmes to suit clients' needs anywhere in the world, while offering coverage against material damage and business interruption on a specified-perils or all-risk basis. Specialities also include fronting services and reinsurance for Captive-driven programmes.

At AIG Europe Energy division we provide underwriting and quotation services, as well as technical advisory services, marketing assitance and risk assessment. All of our products are offered in English and French.

Find more information about our insurance solutions :

Construction and Erection Insurance

On a case by case basis for a limited range of activities as an extension to the property or energy program.

Engineering (Boiler & Machinery)

In-house Engineering expertise including loss control consultants, chemical, fire protection and mechanical engineers experienced in virtually all types of energy and property exposures.

Property Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

For businesses with property in locations that do not have a government facility or arrangement to provide terrorism cover.

Energy – Property Insurance

Specialist insurance protection in the oil and petrochemicals, power generation, chemicals and boiler and machinery sectors.

Property Insurance

Material damage, business interruption, on an all risks cover or for a specified risk. For mid and large seized companies and for multinational companies.