There are good reasons to consider Investment Management Insurance from AIG

Volatility of financial markets can expose investment managers to attack when a fund underperforms. Liabilities can also arise from violation of management contracts, mismanagement, failure to supervise and misrepresentation or even wrongful employment practices. The structure and inter-relationship of investment management companies and investment funds creates a myriad of potential claims. Investment managers are likely to owe duties, as both company officers and as professionals, to shareholders, investors, employees and third parties. One mistake or event may lead to claims from any or all of those parties. IMI insurance covers both the investment fund and investment manager against civil liability for investment advisory services, directors and officers liability, and wrongful employment practices liability.

Cover uncertainty

Insuring a fund's various liabilities with individual products from a variety of insurance companies can lead to a major headache when seeking to allocate responsibility between them. Problems can also arise because of differences between the policies terms, conditions, limits and retentions.

AIG’s solution

To reduce the risks of these problems arising, AIG offers a single comprehensive 'umbrella' product for investment managers, advisors and funds. This avoids issues in allocating liability between insurers, different policy limits, definitions, exclusions, retentions and conditions. It also reduces the risks of any gaps in cover.

Investment Management Companies, Investment Funds, Hedge Funds and Investment Trusts.

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